Next-generation frontend engineering

Tools and services every frontend developer should know

This is a list of tools, software and services that are damn useful for frontend developers.

Auto-deploying to custom VPS using Travis CI

It's time to bring Continuous Delivery to your Github project. This is a small tutorial about implementing auto-deployments to custom VPS using Travis CI.

Tune HTTPS and HTTP/2 for low latency

If you just migrated to HTTPS or even HTTP/2 you may be disappointed of your website's performance. Let's tune it to be blazing fast!

Set up HTTP/2 with nginx and let's encrypt

Everyone talks about HTTP/2. Now it's time to implement it using nginx and lets-encrypt certificates.

ES6 syntactic sugar you should begin using today

ES6 aka ECMAScript2015 is the next generation of Javascript. Node 5 as well as newer versions of browsers like Chrome, Firefox and even Edge support it - or support subsets of ES6. With the help of transpilers like Babel you can use it today.